Special Services

 Weather you are a new or old business, our consulting team is committed to help you from start to finish, to learn the marketing and barista techniques to help take your projects off the ground and reach your businesses full potential.

 Our years of experience in the coffee equipment industry has lead us to see what equipment lasts and what does not. We sell and service only the best coffee grinders in the industry, and tailor them to your best interest 


Barista Training

 We provide training for all our customers on the equipment we sell, we teach basic barista knowledge on how to make drinks, adjust grinder, operate equipment, how to engage with customers, steps to make drinks, different brewing methods, setting temp, etc.

Every customer has different needs. Here at Core, we customize the training for each individual based on their needs. 


Water Filtration

  Every coffee business and homesumer needs a proper water filtration system, either for coffee water or drinking water. We help you choose the right one for your application. Starting from an understanding of your needs and our suggestion, we will help you choose the right water system.  


Equipment Rental


The perfect touch to any event or party is a good cup of coffee, which is why we are now offering equipment rental.  We can provide baristas or just the equipment.  We have several different packages to offer, and can work towards any  needs you may have.


Coffee Program

We  are working with some of Ontario's best roasters  to provide cafe's with their coffee. With our coffee program we will provide a coffee brewer for a discounted amount with the purchase of coffee. Good equipment and good coffee for a discounted price.

Mahlkonig Grinders


Mahlkonig coffee grinders are known for achieving the highest coffee quality, and have been doing so since 1924. 

Our Services

We have been distributing and servicing Mahlkonig Grinders for 20 years, and have helped over 1000 customers with their Mahlkonig servicing needs.  

Join us!

Here at Core we deal, service and help you to find the right grinder for you. We are your Certified Canadian Mahlkonig partner and distributor.